Speakers Bureau

Microwave CAD Using Space Mapping Technology

Dr. John W. Bandler

Bandler Corp., Dundas, ON, Canada

Tel: 905-628-9671

Space mapping optimization intelligently links "coarse" and "fine" models of different complexities, e.g., full-wave electromagnetic simulations and empirical circuit-theory based simulations, to accelerate iterative design optimization of engineering structures. It is a...


The Life of James Clerk Maxwell

James C. Rautio

Sonnet Software, Inc., 100 Elmwood David Road, North Syracuse, NY 13212, USA

James Clerk Maxwell stands shoulder to shoulder with Newton and Einstein, yet even those of us who have spent decades working with Maxwell's equations are almost totally unfamiliar with his life and times. This presentation, from the viewpoint of a microwave engineer, draws on many sources...


Nonlinear Analog Behavioral Modeling of Microwave Devices and Circuits

David Root

Principle Research ScientistKeysight Laboratories, Keysight Technologies, Inc., 1400 Fountaingrove Parkway, Santa Rosa, CA 95403, USA

Tel: +1-707-577-4091

This lecture introduces general concepts and specific modern techniques for effective (efficient, general, and accurate) nonlinear behavioral modeling of microwave semiconductor devices and functional circuit blocks. A behavioral model is a simplified but accurate model of a lower-level...


X-Parameters: the new paradigm for interoperable measurement, modeling, and simulation of nonlinear microwave and RF components

David Root

Principle Research ScientistKeysight Laboratories, Keysight Technologies, Inc., 1400 Fountaingrove Parkway, Santa Rosa, CA 95403, USA

Tel: +1-707-577-4091

X-parameters are the rigorous supersets of S-parameters that are applicable to linear and nonlinear components alike, and valid under small and large-signal conditions. X-parameters unify linear S-parameters, load-pull (scalar and time-domain) measurements on amplifiers, multi-port nonlinear...


Terahertz Technology Fact or Fiction

Professor Christopher M. Snowden

Vice Chancellor & Chief Executive, University of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 7XH, United Kingdom Filtronic Plc., The Waterfront, Salts Mills Road, Saltaire Shipley, BD18 3TT, United Kingdom

Tel: +44-0-1483-689249

Fax: +44-1483-689518

The interest in exploring the spectrum above 100 GHz and below 10 THz is limited by the availability of suitable solid-state technologies. This presentation addresses the present state-of-the-art for active devices and integrating technologies in the range 100 GHZ to 2 THz.

Simulation and Modeling of Electrically Large Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Systems

Prof. Michael B. Steer

Electrical and Computer EngineeringBox 7914, North Carolina State University, Box 7914, Raleigh , NC 27695-7914, USA

Tel: 1-919-515-5191

Fax: 1-919-513-1979

Many of the grand challenges in the engineering of microwave and millimeter-wave circuits concerns the complexity of large systems with interacting electromagnetic fields, circuits and thermal effects. This is particularly true with power generation systems where thermal effects significantly...


Global Stability Analysis and Stabilization of Power Amplifiers

Almudena Suárez

Itoti Telecomunicacion, University of Cantabria, Av. Los Castros Sin, Santander, 39005, Cantabria

Tel: +3-494-220-1396

Power amplifiers often exhibit instabilities giving rise to frequency division by two or oscillations at incommensurate frequencies. These phenomena, observed from a certain level of input power, cannot be detected through a small-signal stability analysis of the circuit. Instead, a large-signal...